Efficient and Eco-Friendly Solar Energy

When you’re searching for the cleanest and most reliable source of renewable energy, solar energy is at the top of the list. The skilled professionals at TriLateral Pacific have experience developing, financing, and implementing numerous solar energy projects, including those used in some US Department of Defense locations. Reach out to us to discuss your needs or schedule a consultation with our team. We handle a wide variety of renewable energy facilities, including hydro-electric, geothermal plants, and wind energy.

Solar Panels

16 MW Department of Defense Waipio Project

TriLateral Pacific’s majority-owned project company subsidiary, Pacific Energy Solutions (PES), was competitively selected to develop, finance, build and operate solar facilities for the US Department of Defense's Hawaiian installations at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Camp Smith in Oahu.
As part of the project, the Department of Defense entrusted PES with working under some of America’s most hallowed ground. PES successfully bored a 2,000-foot tunnel 100 feet deep with 2 active and 1 spare conductor conduits. This Waipio project involved constructing a large ground mount solar array as well as numerous smaller rooftop solar installations.

Pearl Harbor Solar Project

Pearl Harbor Navel Monument

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