Our Renewable Energy Project Development Principals & Practices

Our company aims to deliver on our commitment to the future with renewable energy project development. Our responsibility is to ensure every aspect of our work meets the standards of environmental excellence to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources.

Environmental Experience

Our team delivers over 75 years of combined knowledge in the renewable resource sector. The principal experts at TriLateral Pacific Group offer decades of experience to our clients, and our support staff upholds our dedication to the industry and our customer base. We’re driven to supply global project development strategies that assure successful results on time.

From Solar to Biomass

Allow our solar project development team to harness the power of the sun for your business. Our wind energy division capitalizes on atmospheric changes and predictable patterns. Geothermal resources are fast becoming one of the most important energy assets on the planet, with minimal impact and maximum benefits. While hydroelectric power has existed for decades, we continually work toward more efficient development methods. Biomass energy is at the forefront of cost-efficient energy systems, and our company leads the way.

We work with clients worldwide to bring them the renewable energy project development and solutions they require. Call today to discuss your environmental awareness evolution.

Donald O’Shei

Donald O’SheiManaging Director
TriLateral Pacific Group

Altarock Energy

International Water Ltd.,
A Bechtel Company

Co-President and COO
Berkshire Hathaway Energy,
Formerly MidAmerican
Energy/Calenergy Company

Adrian Foley

Adrian FoleyPartner
Trilateral Pacific Group

Chief Business Development Officer
Altarock Energy

Vice President Marketing
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Formerly MidAmerican Energy/Calenergy Company

Regional Director
Covanta Energy
Formerly Ogden Projects, Inc.,

Steve McArthur

6cent US stamp face of Gen Douglas MacArthurPartner
TriLateral Pacific Group

Sr. VP and General Counsel
Altarock Energy

Sr. VP and General Counsel
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Formerly MidAmerican Energy/Calenergy

Will Osborn

Will OsbornV.P. Operations
GeoLithic Corp.
One of the most experienced geochemists in the geothermal sector.

General Manager
Minerals. First major mineral extraction effort.

V.P. Geothermal Technology Development