Reliable Renewable Energy Resources

TriLateral Pacific Group is a leading renewable energy developer trusted with projects for companies and government organizations in the United States. Using renewable energy resources, we've been able to execute and complete many high-profile projects successfully; some of these resources include:

Solar Energy

As the cleanest and most reliable renewable energy source, we rely on this power source for many clients. Our most recent high-profile solar project was for the U.S. Department of Defense at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. TriLateral Pacific Group is very active in solar energy development.

Wind Energy

We've successfully developed two utility-scale wind projects (approx. 200 MW) and have a more extensive under development.

Geothermal Energy

Trilateral's principals developed over 1000 MW of geothermal projects in the United States and Asia.

Hydroelectric Energy

TriLateral's principles developed and constructed the massive Casecnan hydroelectric and irrigation project in the Philippines; this is a flagship project of its type worldwide.

Biomass / Other Energy

We were a partner in developing the Hu Honua Biomass project in Hawaii, which uses renewable sources for energy.

Project Development & Sustainable Strategies

While sustainably sourced natural energy isn't new, the impetus to use it as primary power for homes and businesses has taken on a deeper meaning. The push to choose more environmentally sound ways to heal, calm, and energy our lives has become a profound call to action. As solar project developers, we're on the front lines of constantly evolving opinions on how best to reduce society's carbon footprint while maintaining the standard of living we've become accustomed to.

Switching to one of the many natural resources our planet offers is no longer a matter of if but when. There are countless examples of cities, towns, businesses, and homes making the successful transition to renewable energy. As a leading wind and solar project developer, we are on the cutting edge of innovative ideas that will support the future of Earth and everything that depends on it to survive.

The environmental health of our world is everyone's concern, from global corporations to individuals. Our focus is to support natural energy projects with solar developer funding, advisory services, and sustainability strategies that leverage Earth's many resources while at the same time ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Contact us to learn more about our technical advisory services; we'll help your company take the next step towards a more sustainable future.