Supporting the Development of Hydroelectric Energy in Jacksonville, FL

CasecnanLooking to harness the power of water? Let our team at TriLateral Pacific Group, help you get started. Our company fully supports the move to relying on hydroelectric energy in Jacksonville, FL, and around the world. Our team has extensive experience in developing, financing, and carrying out plans for power facilities all around the world. Our most successful and well know project in this area was the construction and operation of a combined hydroelectric and irrigation system in the Philippines, which involved drilling a 26-kilometer tunnel through a mountain. To learn more about the project supports, we have to offer or to discuss your power goals with our team, reach out to our office. Additionally, our team has experience working on other power projects such as solar energy developments and wind energy projects.

Developing The Casecnan

The Casecnan Project was one of our most ambitious undertakings. This hydroelectric power facility and irrigation system is located in northern Luzon on the Philippines’ main island. Operations began in 2001, with the facility collecting water from the Casecnan and Taan Rivers and transporting the water 26-kilometers to the existing Pantabangan Reservoir.

The generator component of the project is capable of delivering 150 MW of power at capacity. The system also directly irrigates 35,000 hectares of agricultural land and helps to stabilize a further 102,000 hectares of previously irrigated areas. Overall, the goals of the project are to help the Philippines attain self-sustainability in power and rice production.