Hydroelectric Energy for Any Facility

CasecnanWhen you’re ready to begin developing a plan to harness water energy, reach out to the dedicated team at TriLateral Pacific. TriLateral’s principals have extensive experience in developing, financing, and carrying out plans for facilities in all areas of the world. Our most widely known and admired project in this area was our successful development, construction, and operation of a combined hydroelectric and irrigation project in the Philippines which involved drilling a 26-kilometer tunnel under a mountain.

The Casecnan

Electricity & Irrigation Project
The Casecnan Project is a combined irrigation and hydroelectric power project in northern Luzon, the Philippines’ main island. It began operation in 2001, collects water from the Casecnan and Taan Rivers and transports it through a 26-kilometer trans-basin tunnel to the existing Pantabangan Reservoir.

Its power component provides approximately 150 MW of hydroelectric capacity. The project also irrigates 35,000 hectares of agricultural lands and stabilizes the water supply to 102,000 hectares of existing irrigated areas. The project is helping the Philippines attain self-sufficiency in rice production.

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