Reliable and Eco-Friendly Geothermal Energy

Geothermal PipingGeothermal energy is a reliable renewable source of power for many different industries. TriLateral pacific principals have developed, constructed and operated over 1000 MW of geothermal facilities in the U.S. and Asia. Geothermal power operations use heat from within the Earth to generate steam, which turns a turbine to generate power. Reach out to us to take advantage of our skills and experience with geothermal energy technology, hydroelectric energy, wind and solar power.

Geothermal Expertise

TriLateral principals developed and constructed three geothermal projects comprising approximately 400MW of capacity in the Philippines and drilled the wellfields and arranged the construction for 1200 MW (PPAs) of geothermal projects in Indonesia.
TriLateral principals also developed, constructed and operated the 270 MW Coso Geothermal Project at the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake California and the 327 MW Salton Sea Geothermal Project, with ten operating plants in the Imperial Valley of California.”
In addition to our prior experience with geothermal power operations at the Salton Sea and elsewhere, the principals at TLE managed the Altarock start-up that developed Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) technologies to allow man-made resource development. Altarock successfully implemented its technology at several existing commercial projects with an average improved output of 70% and an average payback of less than one year.

Lithium extraction (and other metals extraction) from geothermal and other brines is also an area of expertise conducted through Geolithic Corp., our majority-owned subsidiary. GeoLithic holds the exclusive worldwide license to use patented extraction technology for lithium (and other metals present in geothermal brine).

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